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Advanced IT Solutions and Technology is growing. Along with it comes the challenges of mobility, management of remote workforce, hybrid cloud management, datacenter management and security. We bring to you Advanced IT Solutions to address all of the above issues and improve your business operations, user experience, security and management.
Here’s what Advanced IT Solutions includes:

Connect & Compute

Virtual Application
and Desktops (VDI)

Secure File Sharing

Infrastructure (HCI)

Private Cloud

Public Cloud

Application Delivery
Control (ADC)

Software Defined
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Mobile Device
Management (MDM)

IT Service Management

Centralized Desktop

IT Asset Management

Network and Server

AD Management
and Security
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Email Security

Identity and Access

Data Protection

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Connect & Compute

Virtual Applications and Desktops (VDI)

Virtual Apps is the virtualization technology to provide the remote access to apps which are installed on servers. It provides central and granular access to apps.

You can consider it for below scenarios:

Remote Application Delivery:  Do you have one or more application which need to be accessed by employees in branches or from home. It can be published to them by using virtual apps.

Reduced bandwidth requirement: Virtual Apps run within the datacenter , only compressed screen output data is transferred to user devices. it consumes very less bandwidth than direct application access.

Application Security: Do you want to increase the security of your application and database servers, Virtual App can help.  Citrix Virtual Apps with Netscaler Gateway provides you the secure architecture of providing the access to users without compromising the security.

Reduce the application Support:  Virtual Apps provide access of apps which are installed on server. There is no need of any software or settings configuration in user machines. It reduced the workload on support team.

Business File Sharing

Business File sharing provides the features to share files  with external and internal users which is not possible by emails.

Sharing Large files : You need to share the large with external people which is not allowed by emails due to size restrictions.

Control on shared files: Configurable permissions and intuitive reporting tools allow you to get insight into and control over who is accessing data and when. Add a login requirement, link expiry date, and limit on the number of accesses per user to ensure a link doesn’t fall into the wrong hands, then receive email notifications when files are accessed.

Encryption: Security of your data is vital to the integrity of every business. With ShareFile, you have a platform that provides industry-leading security standards when sharing confidential files.

Files are kept secure during transfer with SSL/TLS encryption protocols. In the cloud, storage of your files is kept safe using AES 256-bit encryption. When sending files  Microsoft Outlook plugin always encrypts the file that’s being sent. The user can choose to encrypt the email if they’d like.

There is no cost for external parties to send you documents. Even if they aren’t ShareFile customers themselves, you can give customers, clients, and vendors a way to securely send files or emails back to you. Send them a secure upload link, and they can drop files back to you while benefiting from the same security features.

Boost client and internal confidence with secure file sharing

Hyperconverged Infrastructure

HCI is the modern solution for Servers and Storage , It combines the compute, storage and network into one box. IT admins love HCI because it provides single management console to manage all components.

Traditional storage infrastructure consists of individual storage, compute, and networking components, which according to Nutanix, “is not well-suited to meet the growing demands of enterprise applications or the fast pace of modern business.” HCI, on the other hand, combines those components into an all-in-one approach using Software defined network.

Private Cloud

Your organization is growing and you need to provision the new servers for growing quickly then private cloud can be the most feasible option.

Private Cloud provides the benefits of cloud with more control , flexibility and less cost.

For some organizations, the private cloud will be the only realistic option to ensure regulatory compliance.

We provide the private cloud infrastructure with Nutanix HCI  and Citrix Solutions.

Public Cloud

A public cloud is a type of computing in which a service provider makes resources available to the public via the internet. Resources vary by provider but may include storage capabilities, applications or virtual machines. Public cloud allows for scalability and resource sharing that would not otherwise be possible for a single organization to achieve.

We are currently providing the Microsoft Azure cloud to our customers for their public cloud requirements.

Application Delivery Control

An application delivery controller is a device that is typically placed in a data center between the firewall and one or more application servers. It is used to increase the application perfomance by providing features like load balancing,  SSL offloading etc and security by enabling reverse proxy , AAA , Session policies,  Web application firewall.

We provide Citrix Application Delivery Controller to meet the objectives of our customers for application delivery.

Software Defined WAN

Software-Defined WAN (SD-WAN), a new way to manage and optimize a wide area network, is designed to address the changing use of enterprise networks due to the growth of cloud computing and mobile devices. It is a more flexible solution than MPLS, better supporting a distributed and mobile workforce, and is more reliable and scalable than VPN-based WAN.



Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Let employees work how, when and where they want with the power to manage every app, device and platform in one central location.

Transform the full array of endpoints—laptops, desktops, smartphones, tablets and IoT—into one seamless workspace experience that’s easy for your team to manage.

IT Service Management Application

IT Service Management Application provides you manage various functions of IT from one Central Place.

  • Helpdesk Function
  • Service Request Fulfillment
  • Incident Management
  • Change Management
  • Asset Management
  • Knowledge Base

Centralized Desktop Management

Manage your desktops from one Central Location and Standardize all the configurations.

  • Users Policies Deployment
  • Computers Policies Deployment
  • Patch Management
  • Security Policies for Desktops

IT Asset Management

IT Asset Management Process and Tool Provide you all asset configuration details and reports.

  • Hardware Inventory Details
  • Software Inventory Details
  • Asset Relationships
  • Asset Reports


Network and Server Monitoring

Monitor all your network devices and servers and get alerts for any problem.

Availability and Performance monitoring for :

  • Network Monitoring
  • Server Monitoring
  • Application  Monitoring
  • Database Monitoring
  • Cloud Monitoring
  • Monitoring of Large IT Environments

Active Directory Management and Security

Active Directory management solution that allows IT administrators to manage AD objects easily and generate instant reports at the click of button.

  • File Server Permissions Management
  • AD Bulk User Management
  • AD Group Management
  • Self Service Password Reset
  • Office365 and Exchange Management
  • AD Auditing


Backup and Disaster Recovery


An Effective Backup Solution and process is must for every Organization. We can help you building and maintaining it with the best practices.

We are Partner with Veeam , Acronis and Veritas to provide the backup solutions as per the customer’s enviroment and requirements.

  • Physical Servers Backup
  • Virtual Servers Backup
  • Databases Backup
  • Exchange Backup
  • Office365 Backup
  • Desktops Backup

Disaster Recovery:

Disaster Recovery Planning helps you to protect the data and applications from the disaster in your main data center/building .i.e fire , flood etc.

  • Replication Data to DR Site
  • Access Applications and Data from DR
  • Cold and Hot DR



Next Generation Firewall

Reducing complexity by consolidating products to save costs is a top concern for many enterprises. Equally important is ensuring secure access of resources from private and public clouds without the fear of encrypted malware. Achieving granular visibility of devices, users, real-time threat information, and automation are paramount to ensuring that attacks are handled in a timely manner.

Email Security

Get Advance email security solution for Business to block  phishing, spam, malware, viruses, ransomware, and other email threats.

  • Whitelisting, Blacklisting & Greylisting
  • Office 365 Additional Protection Layer
  • Protection from Zero Day Attacks
  • Data Leak Prevention
  • Advanced Phishing Protection
  • Email Content Filtering
  • Security Against Infected Attachments
  • Outbound Email Scanning

Secure Browsing

Citrix Secure Browser  isolates web browsing to protect the corporate network from browser-based attacks. It delivers consistent, secure remote access to internet hosted web applications, with no need for user device configuration. Administrators can rapidly roll out secure browsers, providing instant time-to-value. By isolating internet browsing, IT administrators can offer end users safe internet access without compromising enterprise security.

Users log on through Citrix Workspace (or Citrix Receiver) and can open web apps in the configured web browser. The website does not directly transfer any browsing data to or from the user device, so the experience is secure.

Secure Application Access

Applications need to be accessed by users from multiple devices and locations. This increases the chances of attacks on network and IT administrators face challenges in provision the various devices for remote access and also users are not happy with performance while working remotely.

We are providing Virtual Apps and Desktops with Citrix ADC to solve all your problems of application remote access.

  • No More Security Issues
  • Application Provisioning is not required at device level
  • User can access application from anywhere
  • User Can access application from anydevice
  • Users get same experience while working from office or home
  • IT has control and visibility on  User access

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